lrfc memory wall

Memories are made of this…

APART from having the occasional pop at the council, over the years this column has been filled with memories. Memories of growing up in Lyme in the 1950s-60s, memories of big and tragic events in the town and memories of its people past and present. Many of them unforgettable characters. […]

george somers statue

By George, it’s about time we hailed Mary!

IT was Richard Austin who started it. Now there’s a phrase not entirely unfamiliar to many of us. But it was, he did. Aussie took to ‘Soapbox II’, the riotous local hell-raising group nihilistically-run on Facebook by Matt Puddy, to say what a disgrace it was that Mary Anning’s grave in the churchyard was in such a shamefully-tatty state. […]

Lyme Matters

Skittling memories…

PART of my duties when I first worked in a newspaper office on work experience at the Bridport News (circa 1963) was to type in the skittles results. No emails in those days, of course, so all the scores and league tables had to be typed in by hand. […]