Your essential checklist if you’re facing redundancy

citizens adviceWITH the furlough scheme having recently come to an end, Citizens Advice has set out your essential checklist if you’re facing redundancy.

The charity’s frontline advisers have supported nearly 45,000 people with redundancy issues since the pandemic began – equivalent to one person every four minutes.

Matthew Bradbury, senior employment expert at Citizens Advice, said: “If you’re at risk of redundancy, it’s important to know you do have rights to help protect you from unfair dismissal and to ensure you’re paid what you’re owed.”

Check if your redundancy is fair

There are rules to protect you from being discriminated against and from being picked for redundancy for an unfair reason. Examples of unfair reasons include choosing someone for redundancy because they work part-time or have made a complaint about health and safety.

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Check how much redundancy pay you get

You’re entitled to at least ‘statutory’ redundancy pay if you’ve been an employee for two years or more. The amount you will get depends on your age and how long you have worked for the company.

However, you may be eligible for enhanced redundancy payment on top of the statutory amount as part of your employment contract so check your contract carefully.


Make sure you get 100 per cent redundancy pay. If you are made redundant while furloughed, your redundancy pay should be based on your normal wage and not the 80 per cent that you’ve been getting during furlough.

Check your notice period

If you’ve worked for your employer for at least a month you’re entitled to paid notice that you’re being made redundant. After one month in the job, you must be given one week’s notice, rising to two weeks after two years’ service, and then a further week per year unemployment up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

You may be entitled to a longer notice period as part of your employment contract and your notice period only starts when your employer confirms that you’re going to be made redundant.

Your employer might decide to give you notice pay instead of making you work your notice period – this is called ‘pay in lieu of notice’.

Check your holiday pay

You’ll be paid for any statutory holiday you have left over when you leave. This should be at your normal pay rate, even if you’re currently furloughed on 80 per cent of your pay.

Your employer may also tell you to take any remaining holiday during your notice period. You might be entitled to paid time off to look for work.

If you have worked for your employer for two years by the end of your notice period, you’re entitled to ‘reasonable’ time off to apply for jobs or go on training.

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Check if you’ve got legal help via your home insurance

Sometimes people get ‘legal expenses cover’ as part of their home insurance package, and if they think their redundancy is discriminatory or unfair they may get free legal help to challenge the decision.

If you have a trade union at work, you could also contact them. Your union can help you work out if you’ve got a claim, and support you through the process.

Citizens Advice in Lyme Regis is now running drop-in advice sessions on Wednesdays 10am to 12noon at the council offices, Church Street, DT7 3BS. Please ask at town council reception and no appointment is needed.

Alternatively, telephone Freephone 0800-144-8848 or send an email using the contact form on the website

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