Time to go green (and luckily it’s my colour!)

AS the weeks pass by, more and more environmental and climate change-related news hits the local and national headlines. There’s no ignoring it anymore – the climate crisis is upon us and it’s time to take action.

As such an active community, Lyme Regis has placed itself at the forefront of ‘green’ issues; both Lyme Regis and Dorset councils have declared a climate emergency, Lyme won Plastic Free Communities status last year and local organisations such as Turn Lyme Green, Plastic Free Lyme Regis and the new One Planet Working Group have got us all thinking a little more about our impact on the world around us.

It was great this week to report that Plastic Free Lyme Regis had even been shortlisted for the new Plastic Free Awards and today (Friday) they launch their new Boomerang Bags scheme.

Last week The Guardian newspaper declared a climate emergency, pledging to give the climate crisis the attention it demands and to make environmentally-friendly changes within its own organisation.

It got me thinking about the changes we could make here at LymeOnline too.

A newspaper declaring a climate emergency could be seen as a little hypocritical; the very nature of the business uses so much paper, but there are definitely improvements we can make.

Perhaps not world-saving, but as the guest speakers at the recent ‘Sea What’s There’ event at the Marine Theatre emphasised, even the smallest of changes to our daily habits can start to make a difference.

So hopefully over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing a few new initiatives, both for our print and online readers, as well as behind the scenes in our own office. It’s time to get on board!

While I may have been thinking green all week, today I was thinking pink instead, as the Lyme Regis branch of Cancer Research UK hosted its annual coffee morning and cake sale to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We raised £350 and a big thank you to all those who came along and supported us.

Luckily it turns out both green and pink are my colours, according to Colourflair consultant Jacquie Payne.

This week I visited Jacquie at In Harmony beauty salon in Silver Street, where she has just started offering one-to-one consultations on what colours can help you to look your best.

I’d never had anything like that done before but it turned out to be a lovely, relaxing couple of hours out of the office!

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