One step closer to being the rock chick I’ve always wanted to be

marine theatreWHEN I was told by a performer I was showing to his dressing room that I looked like the teacher from the musical hit ‘School of Rock’, despite what he said, never having watched this cult programme, I wasn’t sure whether or not to take it as a compliment.

After allaying my fears that it was not Jack Black but Joan Cusack I had been compared with, I felt one step closer to being that cool ‘rock chick’ I’ve always wanted to be.

Not that it’s been in the least cool these past few weeks, we’ve pretty much had wall-to-wall sunshine every day. Not that I’m complaining, oh no siree Bob!

I know the gardeners are fretting and dog owners should beware the hot surface along Gun Cliff Walk, but I love the fact I can wander down to the sea after work and enjoy a cooling swim. The ladies from the Tourist Information Centre have turned it into a weekly pilgrimage, I’m hopeful it will turn into one of their famous prosecco parties before long.

Talking of the surf, I can’t wait for this Saturday when we welcome back the Beach Boyz Tribute Band with their ‘The Beach Boys Story’. They’re a great bunch and their performance is a lot of fun so I’m thinking I might don my beach-wear for it, although I don’t have a surf board – maybe my son’s old body-board will do.

I went to see that great singalong feel-good film ‘Mamma Mia Here We Go Again’, which has put me in the mood for our Abba night on Saturday, August 18. I’m just wondering where I can get a pair of dungarees and some kinky boots.

When Gabby and I went over to Dorchester recently for a meeting, we arrived with time to spare so went to Coffee#1 (not as good as Lyme’s Aroma I might add). I was disappointed to find their facilities consisted of the one unisex loo. I’m so glad we didn’t pursue that idea for our loo refurbishment which is close to being finished now. I’m sorry but I can’t be doing with that; loo seat up, splashes everywhere, loo roll on the floor, etc.

Did you know we now have a defibrillator unit here at the Marine? We are the only place at this end of Lyme to have one so it’s pretty important. Virgil Turner, local firefighter cum window cleaner, dropped in to update us on the install. I was minded of that TV trash ‘Love Island’ when the men had to dress up as firemen to rescue the women, when marketing accused Gabby and me of acting like school girls with a men-in-uniform crush.

Virgil wasn’t in uniform and, anyway, nothing less than the Royal Marines for me. But Virgil has very kindly agreed to run a full fire drill here at the Marine.

Our poor old bunting has taken a bit of a thrashing. Our techy and all round good egg Pete reinforced it with rope but hadn’t reckoned on the flags themselves being ripped to shreds as the wind and rain did their worst on that one day of torrential rainfall. Sadly Theatre Square is now bunting-free which is a pity. I’m hoping we may be able to source something more resilient.

Anyway, this rock chic is off to scour the charity shops for some bell-bottoms, a feather boa and kinky boots, just hope I find something and I won’t meet my ‘Waterloo’.

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

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