There’s no place like Lyme to capture a storm

LANDSCAPE photography is the most popular subject of photography anywhere in the world. From amateurs to professionals, photographers capture every beautiful and dramatic view they come across when they have a camera in their hand.

It’s one section of photography that the weather plays a major part in the final outcome, it can make or break the end product but it’s up to the photographer to pull the rabbit out of the hat whatever the weather.

Cameras have all sorts of electronic gismos that can be used to create a unique landscape image, some good and some just plain, bloody horrible. As a professional photographer the only indicator as to whether I am doing it right is if it gets published.

It was the mid to late 1980s that I realised the dynamic drama when a force 11 south westerly gale hits the south coast and especially Lyme Regis.

Lyme is different to other large or small harbour communities, because of the way the wall wraps itself around the harbour. Photographers can get behind the waves crashing over the Marine Parade wall and I don’t know anywhere else you can achieve this safely.

Annoyingly, a few years ago they altered the seafront at Lyme, now the waves no longer reach the wall along Marine Parade leaving the most spectacular wave action against the high wall of the Cobb surrounding the harbour, where sadly people are risking their lives trying to snap that elusive picture.

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