Springtime rivalries in the bird world

WITH springtime very much upon us it’s that time of year when the bird population goes to war over nesting site defence, as well as rival disputes regarding attracting the females of their species.

From tiny Jenny Wrens to large Mute Swans feathers fly as the springtime scuffle gets underway.

Sometimes the battles can result in tragedy with some birds not surviving the feathered violence, one bird species is the Coot, pictured above at Abbotsbury Swannery – probably the most bad tempered violent bird on our waterways.

They chase each other all over the lakes and waterways, when the two decide to square-up there are no holds barred as they use their feet as a battering ram.

Thankfully they mostly survive, but it does make fascinating viewing all the same.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for this kingfisher (pictured above left) found in Lyme Regis.

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