Celebrities make the world of newspapers go around

IMAGE and looks matter, especially if you are part of the celebrity brigade, who sometimes want to be photographed and sometimes not.

I can fully understand that a bad or mischievous picture may cause some embarrassment but personally I can’t say I’ve ever had any luvvy tantrums on the media carousel.

Celebrities are what makes the world of newspapers go around; if you are a press photographer you are bound to come face-to-face with many if your career lasts long enough.

Believe me, they need the press as much as the press needs them. Without a large percentage of positive press coverage, they may not have the career they’ve aimed for.

Having said that I can’t think of one celebrity who’s been discourteous to me, nor have I come across any divas, but some of their PR representatives or managers not to mention PAs can be a little precious.

Some of my favourites for just simply being nice people are Martin Clunes, Susan Hampshire, Elaine Page, Leslie Garret, Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Cliff Richard (pictured), John Fowles, Terry Wogan and Ringo Star, who constantly gives the two fingered peace symbol to photographers, but a nice bloke all the same.

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