Pubs reopening and a new job in town

Royal StandardSophia MoseleyCAN you keep a secret? I can. In fact, I have probably forgotten more secrets than I can remember. Maybe it stems from my working background or maybe I’m just a very secretive person.

Anyway, the point is, I have a secret that I’m going to share with you… if you promise not to tell.

But before I do, let me tell you about the latest from the Royal Standard because they have been getting ready to open their take-away doors to the general public.

I was in there with Maisy doing a deep clean and over the past three months; landlords Rachael and Akis have been industriously busy giving the pub a spring spruce-up.

Have to admit, after a quarter of a year, I wasn’t sure if the benches had been recovered or if I had forgotten what the pattern on the cushioned bit looked like. Either way, it all looks great, ready for the next stage in the government’s big reopening plan.

The outdoor area, with its netting and sail cover, is going to be the perfect seagull sanctuary. No, not for the gulls, for the guests.

After three months of having to find their own food, the Lyme Regis seagulls are going to be pretty hungry, I watched one unwary day-tripper lose his ice cream as he walked along Marine Parade.

Personally, I wouldn’t have scooped it up off the ground and popped it back in the cone to eat, but maybe that’s me being fussy.

Anyway, after we had cleaned our way from one end of the bar to the other, everyone turned up for a staff meeting and to be introduced to the new iPad ordering system.

Now I make no secret of my lack of love for IT, but I have to say, this is a very clever system and will mean I no longer have to search for pen and paper.

There wasn’t much gossip to catch up on, everyone saying the same thing about the latest lockdown, don’t get me started, but there are some newbies on the block who will doubtless take to the iPad system like a duck to water (or seagull to an ice cream), which is good for me if I get stuck.

So anyway, about that secret. It’s no secret I love writing and I love books and when I saw there was an opportunity to be surrounded by and talk about books all day, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

Under new ownership, the Lyme Regis Bookshop, previously Serendip, is opening its doors on April 12. Kevin Ramage has been busy giving this wonderful shop a bit of a facelift and I cannot wait to join his team.

So with the combination of pulling a pint and selling the latest literary gems, our paths are bound to cross and if you want a word in my shell-like, just pop into either establishment, you know your secrets will be safe with me.

Sophia Moseley

Woodmead Halls

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