Plastic Free Lyme Regis: Baptist Church

Izzy Sibley of Lyme Regis Baptist Church

IN our new series of interviews, we look at businesses and organisations around Lyme Regis that are planning to become single-use plastic free. In the first interview, Karen Durham-Diggins of Plastic Free Lyme Regis, speaks to Izzy Sibley of Lyme Regis Baptist Church, which recently opened its new eco-friendly venue, the Driftwood Café.

What are the benefits of being plastic free within an organisation?

There are so many benefits to being an eco-friendly organisation. The best would be encouraging the members of the church family to take what we’re doing here home with them. For example LED light bulbs. We have members of the church family that weren’t quite sure about the ‘eco thing’ when we began. Later on they came running up to me saying, “We’ve switched our light bulbs to LEDs and now we know we are saving the planet and we really want to do that!” That’s been the biggest benefit, making the changes here in the building and encouraging people to take that home with them.

What’s been the hardest challenge?

I would probably say getting hold of alternative plastic free products whether you have to order them online or getting shipped in to get them here in an eco-friendly way.

What is there anyone specific problem you found challenging?

Eco-friendly cleaning products which I know they now do in supermarkets now but previously we had to get them shipped in which felt like we were defeating the object a little bit but luckily we can now get them locally.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

We are Silver awarded eco-church. Eco-church is the scheme set up by A Rocha to encourage churches to be as eco-friendly as possible in their buildings, in their teaching and what they do in the town and the community. We are silver but we really want to get to gold which is a big step off from silver and that’s our next goal to go to for gold.

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