Party season hits the Marine

marine theatreDON’T ask about my car, okay? Just don’t ask. I was en route to a spa break in Bournemouth when a fuel injector went, then less than three weeks later the pipe that goes into the injector went.

I am minded of the ‘bad things happen in threes’ superstition but I’m really not superstitious and, anyway, I put it down to saying ‘Macbeth’ as I walked across the Marine auditorium.

Talking of Shakespeare, we had some VIPs who dropped by to say hello; one of the UK’s greatest actors, Oliver Ford Davies, he of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Star Wars’, and a couple of days later Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan. It was a little surreal chatting about grass cuttings and Storm Diana with people who are used to hobnobbing with Hollywood A-listers, but that’s what makes our patrons so very special.

The three of us (that’s Gabby, John and yours truly, not Oliver, Ian and me) went up to London for the NTL exhibitors’ day. We stayed in an Airbnb which was great except for the bathroom incident.

I was first in for a quick wash ‘n brush-up before we headed out to Ronnie Scott’s to see Pee Wee Ellis and after several minutes of trying to unlock the door and panicking just a little, John came to my rescue with a screwdriver, penknife and eventually the flat end of a spoon to get me out. We later found the warning not to lock the bathroom door on a scrap of paper under some magazines.

The Marine Players’ performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was brilliant. Their rendition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ was worthy of an Oscar. They’re back in the spring so keep an eye on our programme.

And what an eye-wateringly fabulous programme we have lined up for you. Our brochure launch party in December was the best yet with the great and the good of Lyme Regis. A few programme highlights include the film ‘Peterloo’, multi-instrumentalist and singer David Ford and one I’m definitely not going to miss, The South with The Beautiful South’s ex-singer Alison Wheeler.

Anyway, how was your Christmas and New Year? Did you over-indulge? I started as I meant to go on with Jazz Jurassica’s Julie Sheppard’s Chrimbo soiree. If you are ever offered one of her margarita’s, just be ready for the consequences, and no, it was nothing to do with me joining the TIC lot in the Pilot Boat afterwards #nuffsaid

Then there was the Lyme Regis Development Trust’s lunchtime buffet at The Hub with some familiar faces and a few new ones so a great networking opportunity. ‘Networking’…is that still a thing or has it been usurped by faceless digital marketing including ‘SoLoMo’ and ‘Real-time Engagement’?

The other main event was the firm’s Christmas party when the ladies dressed to kill, bar manager Claire Jillings’ shoes were spectacular. Back in my City days there were always tales to tell post-Christmas party, it goes with the territory and red faces on a Monday morning, but I’ve never been one to gossip.

However, I do recall trying to improve Gabby’s whiskey/prosecco cocktail with a sachet of brown sugar we found in the bar store… it didn’t and I haven’t yet formally apologised to the town clerk but then maybe he didn’t recognise my party face.

I’m planning to make a big splash at the Lyme Lunge on New Year’s Day, quite literally. I raided the theatre prop-box and will be sporting a yellow wig and red Marine theatre t-shirt. I may as well start 2019 as I mean to go on, hopefully I won’t have to make too many apologies along the way, especially if I’m in disguise.

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

Woodmead Halls

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