No two days are the same at the Marine

marine theatreAPRIL showers bring forth May flowers but ne’er cast a clout till May be out; in other words be prepared for all weathers, to be frozen when you walk to work and sweating buckets when it’s time to head home. The British weather, one of the most important topics of conversation and always keeping us on our toes.

A bit like the Marine Theatre really, where no two days are the same and you never quite know what to expect. Take, for instance the day our electrician was here, he returned from his van in a state of high anxiety telling me he had saved an unusual bird-like animal from certain death on the tight bend of Church Street.

“I’m not sure what it is but I’m sure it’s not a puffin” he said.

With my animal-welfare hat on, I quickly dashed out to see this rare creature and ensure its safety. It turned out to be a partridge, which must have taken a wrong turn somewhere near Hunter’s Lodge.

Then it was time for a different hat as our technician, Steve Miller, talked me through the process of putting on our live screening. I made copious notes with diagrams of the ‘desk’. Tom, our duty manager, watched over my shoulder, as ever ready to pick up on anything I forgot!

We’ve had masses of wedding enquiries; it’s always a thrill to give people a tour of the Marine. I like to include a bit about the history of our building including the Georgian salt baths that still lie somewhere underneath our auditorium floor and without fail, every person who comes through the doors says they can ‘feel’ the atmosphere here and it’s that special and unique aura that everyone loves.

Talking of atmosphere, you may know we have the most wonderful view in the world from our office window that at times is utter torture. We enjoy a panoramic vista with Portland across the water, Golden Cap and West Bay to the left and the famous Cobb to the right and on a sunny day when the sea is a mill pond, it’s like being on the French Riviera.

You may wonder why I say ‘torture’ – it’s not the fantastic view or the temperature extremes but looking at the crystal blue of the sea with paddle-boarders drifting across and dinghies bobbing along and not being there with them!

Of course, the warm weather is exactly what we want for our forthcoming open-air theatre on Theatre Square. If you saw the Handlebards last year with ‘As You Like It’ then you know you are in for a great evening. They thought nothing of helping themselves to people’s picnics! This year they are performing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on Saturday, June 2, don’t forget to bring something to sit on.

So as May reaches the tipping point into summer-proper, I might just ditch my winter coat in favour of something a bit lighter and I’ll keep my eyes open for any stray puffins floating across the bay.

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

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