Music fills the Marine Theatre

MY mother had high hopes for me as a child; she told me how useful it would be to know how to play the piano so when I was invited to a party I’d be able to entertain the gathered guests with my keyboard skills. There wasn’t much call for the pianoforte at the parties I went to…

But at least it means I can speak to our visiting artists with some degree of knowledge and with the number of great music gigs we’ve had that goes a long way.

Mind you, Paul Lamb who was here in July would definitely be welcome to the party because he’d be able to tuck his instrument in his back pocket. He plays the harmonica like I’ve never heard.

Then there was Philip Clouts’ brilliant Petites Annonces: Gypsy Jazz that played to a packed auditorium on a hot and sunny Bastille Day. Not that I’m supporting a revolution, although with another new town councillor and the completely bonkers Borris taking the helm, I wonder if there is trouble brewing.

Did you come along to the T Rextasy gig? That Friday was right in the middle of the latest storm but it didn’t stop the Marc Bolan fans from rocking up to a very loud and lively gig.

When the band arrived I expected long hair, exotic aromas and a gentle spaced-out look. I offered them a beer and they asked if we had any soya milk for a cuppa, then when they asked about vegan food options – that really threw me. Two Tesco microwaved meals later, all was right with the world.

We’ve had more wedding parties visiting to see if we are the right place for their special day, they’re always surprised when I say our licence means they can hold the ceremony in four different locations, including the Marine Bar. At least they wouldn’t have far to walk for the ‘welcome drinks’. One couple were so happy they signed on the dotted line there and then.

Then there’s the wine tasting session that’s always fun, especially when they ask my opinion… rude not to.

When the RNLI held their fundraising ‘Mamma Mia!’ night here, it was so popular they ended up turning people away which didn’t go down very well with some and sadly one of the young helpers got an ear bashing. Pre-booking is essential if you want to avoid disappointment #justsayin

Talking of sell-outs, what about the live screening of ‘Fleabag’? Sold out within the week so now we’re running an encore and sales for that are flying off the shelves. We shall be getting in extra wine and prosecco for that night.

Someone dropped in last week to take a trip down memory lane and with our history we do get quite a few people wanting to step back in time. Laura performed here back in the 1980s alongside Sylvia Lee who is still part of the Marine Players’ committee.

Thinking back, whilst my mum was trying to look for openings into certain social circles for me, I always dreamed of getting the school ‘deportment’ badge, my eldest sister won it at least twice; so not only did I not get into the right circles, my deportment was not up to scratch either.

Perhaps I need to start learning the harmonica.

Sophia Moseley
Theatre manager

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