More men needed to tread the Marine boards

LYME Regis is short of eligible young men. No I’m not bemoaning the lack of roses or chocolates (or an Eddie Hearn mug for LymeOnline editor Francesca) last month, I’m talking about the reason behind the reluctant decision taken by the Marine Players to shelve their spring production that required a cast with more fellas than they have.

But it’s not the first time I have heard this disappointed sigh; it would seem there is a distinct lack of thespian love amongst our young male townsfolk and the play the MPs had chosen couldn’t go ahead without them.

So I wonder what the 20-45 year old chaps are doing of an evening in cold, damp, windy Lyme. Just looking at my Poldark emblazoned mug sitting on my desk, I can’t think of anything more exciting than walking the boards.

Anyway, moving on. We’ve had an unprecedented number of enquiries from wedding couples who want to celebrate their special day here in Lyme’s ‘little theatre by the sea’. I showed two parties round, both of whom were completely bowled over by the character and charm of the Marine.

It’s great showing people round, it gives me the opportunity to share our fascinating history as I morph into Tour Guide Barbie telling them about the Georgian salt baths that I am certain are still under our auditorium floor and the dressing room that used to be part of the pump room.

Then there’s the story I’ve been told about the waves hitting the theatre windows on a stormy night when the theatre wall was the last line of coastal defence before Gun Cliff Walk was built. I’m not too sure about the fish and crustaceans hurtling through open windows, but it all adds to the drama.

Did you come to our ‘Children Love Disco’? The face-painting was a big hit and there was a queue of children waiting to be turned into disco divas and dancing queens. With the bar open, it was the perfect opportunity for the mums to have a glass of bubbly whilst their offspring ran off some steam jumping around to all the best dancefloor hits.

I had a brief sojourn back into the role of duty manager as our second trainee DM took over whilst I shadowed her. It was for one of our screenings, ‘Kinky Boots’, that I had always planned to see live but never got around to and judging by the round of applause at the end, everyone loved it.

I arrived with an apology when I literally flew in through the door of the Lyme football clubhouse to join the celebrations of LymeOnline’s second anniversary. Not having been to the club before and not wishing to miss out on the revelry, I hurtled down there in half the time it would normally take thanks to a strong tail wind.

It was all very pleasant, though by all accounts, quite tame compared with the launch night two years earlier. Rather disappointed I missed out on that.

Then rare as hen’s teeth, I’ve had some days off, meeting old friends from my previous life. We chose the Boston Tea Party in Salisbury as our meeting place and it was only as we left that they reminded me about the novichok incident and with yet more cases of the coronavirus being reported, I was quite glad to get back to the sanctuary of the Marine office and be satisfied with the smouldering moody look of Poldark sitting on my desk.

Sophia Moseley
Theatre manager

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