Marine Theatre steps into spring

marine theatreI’VE heard people say that once your body numbs, it’s fine. Call me a wimp but the thought of waiting until I can’t actually feel body parts so I can take a dip just doesn’t appeal, but with the superb spring sunshine, the beach has been very crowded over the Easter break though most of the lunatics in the sea were children and we all know they’re impervious to pain.

Our new theatre sign went up with the help of the Lyme Regis Town Council, who very kindly let theatre tech Pete Hackett hitch a ride in the cherry picker they were using to repair the webcam.

Talking of help, we got the heads-up that the Fossil Film Company were chucking away bits of set so we dashed over to see what we could salvage and helped ourselves, so we are now the proud owners of an ‘Ammonite’ prop. I’ve no clue what we are going to do with it but you just never know when you’ll need a fake stone pillar.

If there’s one thing the Marine Theatre is, it’s adaptable and accommodating (OK that’s two things) and the Marine bar played host to the Tourist Information Centre’s interview panel for their seasonal staff. But then the theatre and the TIC have always worked very closely given they run our box office and help us a lot when it comes to our programme.

Now you’d think working in the theatre that I’d be up for treading the boards but having been forced to do ballet and drama as a child I have no penchant for performing, but when I was asked to give a brief intro for music legend Julie Felix, I was more than happy to step up to the plate to welcome this incredible 80 years young singer who didn’t disappoint starting with her signature high kick!

Have you seen we’ve got a bit of a musical hat-trick coming up? There’s Jo Harman on May 9, Kris Drever on May 10 and Robyn Hitchcock on May 11.

Gabby and I enjoyed ourselves at the mayor’s charity Civic Night. The very talented Ali of Dottie Kitchen served up a delicious meal and the entertainment was supplied by local talent DeltaTango7, so after a couple of glasses of Chardonnay (there was no prosecco) I was up on the dance floor with council hopeful Belinda Bawden and existing councillor Jeff Scowen.

Talking of letting your hair down, we are getting quite a collection of single earrings that our eagle-eyed duty manager has found after various gigs. We frequently get calls about missing scarves, gloves and glasses but never a missing earring. Or maybe there is a group of one-eared women living in Lyme…

I’m pretty sure there will be no chance of lost earrings tonight at ‘Posting Letters to the Moon’ with Celia Johnson and Peter Fleming’s daughter Lucy Fleming reading their wartime love letters, or you could come and listen to Mariella Frostrup chatting to Mark Hix about his latest book on May 20.

I had an extra short Easter week; I took a day off that I tacked onto the long weekend although it turned out to be a long drive (seven hours) up to Nottingham. My sister and I were hoping to paint the town red but I’ve seen more life in the floundering whitebait that are chased onto the Lyme beach by the mackerel.

I dreaded the prospect of the return journey in the sweltering heat and suddenly the thought of numb body parts was marginally more appealing.

Sophia Moseley
Theatre Manager

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