‘Lyme Regis deserves a greater share of resources to combat crime’

chris loderWHILST the high street and promenade of Lyme Regis are almost always bustling and teeming with life, at its heart, Lyme is a very tranquil and peaceful place.

This, I can imagine, is one of the many reasons why the town holds such a special place in the hearts of not just local residents but of visitors from the world over.

However, Lyme Regis, like many other small towns, has not escaped problems such as anti-social behaviour. In fact, this has been an issue for some time now.

I therefore decided to join forces with Dorset Police and Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Dave Sidwick, this summer and I was taken on patrol in Bridport and Lyme Regis to see for myself the efforts taken by Dorset Police to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

From Bridport, we patrolled both Monmouth Beach and Langmoor Gardens which are known hotspots.

We discussed the effectiveness of the patrols previously in action in these areas, as well as other efforts to curb this problem, such as greater CCTV and lighting.

I have since made it clear that Lyme Regis deserves a greater share of resources to combat crime and anti-social behaviour, especially during the busy periods of summer.

Meetings such as this prove how much our policing matters.

For me, clamping down on anti-social behaviour and county lines drug gangs rank as the highest policing priorities for West Dorset.

Many people know too well the damage these issues can inflict on communities, and that this can only change with ‘boots on the ground’ and greater allocation of police resources to our communities.

These are the things I will continue fighting for moving forward and I am working closely with Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner to help secure a better deal for police funding in West Dorset.

As ever, if I can help with constituency issue, please get in touch at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or online at www.chrisloder.co.uk

Chris Loder
West Dorset MP

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  1. History suggests that the motives behind criminal activity are numerous.
    Poverty, poor housing, high levels of social inequality in society, low educational attainment, are some of the most common known to man.
    However, many people lack a sufficiency of finances, but they don’t allow that to take what they lack from those that do without their consent or knowledge.
    Further to that, many people are homeless, and yet again, some don’t use that as an excuse to steal what doesn’t belong to them or without giving money in exchange first.
    Also when Police officers and MP’s are increasingly accused of criminal activity, it makes it difficult to feel confident and safe.
    When life becomes like that, I can’t help wondering if having ”greater (financial) resources is the best way to ”combat”(the various motives) behind criminal activity within working, middle, and upper classes.

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