Lyme attracts varied wildlife all year round

turn lyme greenRECENT winter visitors to my garden have been ‘lookalike’ thrushes with very fat tummies.

Excitement and a closer look at the birds and the pocket bird book show me that they are fieldfares and redwings, arriving in flocks from Scandinavia. Lyme attracts visitors all the year round!

How nice it was to see different birds. Particularly the redwings with a characteristic white stripe along the eye line. They love an apple, and the soft earth under trees.

All the more it makes me wonder if they have managed to avoid eating plastic on their way down here. All the more it makes me marvel at the magical world we have right under our very nose. We have a duty to help.

With environmental protection in my heart, I have recently been watching a TEdx talk by Natalie Fee, on the importance of being very aware of the non-organic matter that we throw down the loo! It is all too easy to flush away baby wipes, sanitary products, cotton buds, etc. and with a quick push of a button it has gone, with a huge volume of precious water.

Cotton buds, for example, although small, can pass through treatment plant filters. This means that they end up directly in the sea, causing pollution to our beaches and being mistaken for food.

I also learnt that sanitary products can be made up of the equivalent of four plastic carrier bags! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Turn Lyme Green is working in conjunction with Transition Town Bridport, Surfers Against Sewage and Dorset Waste Partnership to make West Dorset an even better place to live.

Come and join us for our March meeting at the Driftwood Café in Lyme Regis Baptist Church on Tuesday, March 10 at 7.15pm for 7.30pm, where we invite you share any thoughts and feelings to help Lyme Regis become plastic free. We will update you on latest developments regarding the project. Look forward to seeing you!

Turn Lyme Green welcomes all comments, suggestions and feedback. Do please visit our website, or visit our Facebook page. See front page for more information on the plastic free campaign

Jo Oliver Smith,
Chairman, Turn Lyme Green

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