Learn about Lyme’s history with our boredom-busting quiz!

TO help keep boredom at bay during the lockdown, local author and historian Peter Lacey has put together a quiz to keep you entertained while learning about Lyme’s history.

Mr Lacey has put together 12 questions based on subjects covered in his regular ‘Tales From Lyme’s Past’ blog on the LymeOnline website.

The questions cover everything from Lyme-born philanthropist Thomas Hollis to the sinking of the HMS Formidable in 1915.

All the answers can be found by reading his previous blog entries – just click here to find them. Or if you’re struggling to find the answer you can search for specific terms using the search function on our website.

When you’ve finished you can find the correct answers by scrolling to the bottom of this article. No prizes – it’s just for fun!


  1. In Elizabethan Lyme the dung heaps had to be cleared by when?
  2. Which animal was baited by dogs in order to improve the taste of the meat?
  3. How old was the boy seaman from HMS Formidable who is buried in Lyme’s cemetery?
  4. What was the full date of the Battle of Trafalgar?
  5. Where did Thomas Hollis live when he first came to Lyme?
  6. How many houses were estimated to have been destroyed in the fire of 1844?
  7. Which Shakespeare play is said to be based on the Isle of Devils?
  8. How much cargo could the 1069 ship carry on its voyage to York?
  9. What were the ‘Jerusalem Stakes?’
  10. How much did a slave purchased in Africa sell for in Barbados?
  11. What year did Lyme get its first purpose built lifeboat?
  12. What was the motto of the Air Sea Rescue unit?











  1. Saturday Night
  2. Bulls
  3. 17 years old
  4. October 21st 1805
  5. The Three Cups
  6. 50
  7. The Tempest
  8. 6-7 tons
  9. A donkey race
  10. £16-£23
  11. 1853
  12. ‘The Sea Shall not Have Them’
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