Keeping up with social media at the Marine

CITIZEN journalism. Is that still a thing or has it been usurped by another label?

It’s pretty difficult to keep up with social media trends including text talk, unless you’re under 25 because your brain is wired differently and you have eyes in the top of your head so you can walk and text.

What a boon social media has been, although I do try and live by my mother’s rule – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. But I wonder how different life would be if it was nothing new… all those little acts and misdemeanours of our youth.

I was delighted to meet Chris Moors who dropped in to see the theatre after a 30-plus year absence; he performed here during the 80s and told me quite a few stories that would definitely have made headline online news, including one of someone launching themselves off the balcony.

I’m in touch with him so if there are any juicy titbits, I’ll be sure to share.

Miranda’s birthday bash was all over Facebook (that’s Miranda of the TIC). We had prosecco (obvs) and party nibbles on the beach and Julie Sheppard of Jazz Jurassica was there doing her thing to the music.

One just has to hope one looks one’s best on every occasion because you’re guaranteed someone will post a picture (no really, you looked great Julie!).

We met with the very remarkable Tracey and Simon West of The Word Forest Organisation to talk about the screening of an extraordinary film they’ve made, narrated by none other than Kate Winslet.

It was under embargo but is now splashed across Facebook to make sure everyone knows about it. FYI it’s on Wednesday, October 2.

The monthly volunteers meeting was well attended although we are always looking for new recruits. It’s a great way to see what goes on behind the scenes so if you have any children or grandchildren for that matter who would be interested, drop me a line.

One of our longest serving very kindly brought in a large number of windfalls; you can’t beat homemade apple crumble, not that I’m saying supplying delicious treats is a prerequisite of being a volunteer, but I’d never say no.

Steve Miller, one of our brilliant techies, is producing the Marine Players’ show ‘Tomb With a View’. Unbeknownst to some, Steve is a professional director, with many a stage performance under his belt. So with the combination of the Players’ talents and Steve’s directing skills, you are in for a treat.

Tickets will be on sale shortly so keep an eye on our website and social media – it runs from Wednesday, October 23 to Saturday 26.

The August sunshine brought two luxury yachts into Lyme’s safe haven; I watched the occupants stepping into a small outboard to make their way to shore, no doubt to enjoy a cocktail or two at SWIM.

I thought about swimming out to them to say hello in the hope of being invited on board to share a glass or two of something expensive, but despite keeping up with my swimming at Bridport Leisure Centre, I’m not sure my just-about-adequate breast stroke would get me there and back, especially if I wasn’t permitted on board.

Another hugely successful folk festival for organiser Jeremy Hayes. I dropped in to Lyme Regis Brewery and enjoyed a half of Lyme Gold whilst listening to some live music.

Not being a beer drinker, I’m afraid it had to be topped with lemonade; this girl is all about the sweet bubbles, the more expensive the better!

Perhaps I should buy a new swimsuit just in case I’m pictured clambering aboard a luxury yacht, my tankini just doesn’t cut it!

Sophia Moseley
Theatre manager

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