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Sophia MoseleyWERE you the teacher’s pet? I wasn’t, except maybe with the biology teacher when I was an excessively-innocent 15 year old who knew nothing about anything and had to confide in her following an incident.

But I digress, how’s the latest lockdown-lift been for you?

Just as well we can now drink a pint indoors given it looks like we are going to skip summer altogether and head straight for winter, as I discovered on Saturday night when I joined my niece at her socially-distanced hen night in Newquay (yes, that is a thing).

We should have heeded the signs when the locals turned up wrapped and ready for the Arctic conditions.

Anyway, there’s one thing about bad weather, it drives everyone into the bookshops in search of a literary gem to while away the time, so Lyme Regis Bookshop has been very busy.

In fact, there was one customer order that arrived that was so heavy, it took all my strength to lift it out of the box.

Well alright, that’s a slight exaggeration but it’s definitely not a coffee table book, unless you have an exceptionally large coffee table.

Apparently, it was very difficult to get a hold of and Angela tells me she has an original version that is now worth thousands.

It was great to catch up with Paddy Magrane, he of Lyme Crime Fest, and having originally talked about his festival back in the day, I’m very pleased he is going to hold his June 26 author soirée in the bookshop garden and, yes, there is a garden – it makes the perfect venue for all kinds of literary fests.

Let’s just hope the weather improves so the only thing being chilled is a glass of fizz.

Anyway, I rather like solving mysteries, I have quite an inquisitive nature so there is nothing I like more than having a friendly chat with the lovely people who come into the Combe Street Gallery, or to those in the know, the ‘CSG’.

There was the bride-to-be who found the exact earrings she needed to complement her dress, then there was the lady who lost the top of her finger in an accident when she was at school but now wants to start wearing rings and our green fish light pull is just perfect to go with the colour scheme in a new bathroom; we are all keeping our fingers crossed the loo has been installed by the time they go home. They might need to cross more than their fingers if it isn’t.

What I really need to work on is remembering names so when they return to the shop, I can ask them how the wedding went, if the ring was the first of many or if they have a functioning loo.

I’m not very good with names, but it just so happens not only is Sue (owner of the CSG) an ex-teacher but turns out Michelle in the bookshop is as well, so despite me not being a teachers’ pet, maybe they have some top teacher tips to help me remember.

Mind you, Angela tells me she keeps wanting to call me Saskia for some reason. I rather like that and am planning to use it as a nom de plume for my steamy rom coms I have yet to write.

Sophia Moseley

Woodmead Halls

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