Just what don’t they understand about staying indoors?

lyme regis beach
Footprints in the sand – after the council had swept the main beach, as they do every morning during the summer months in readiness for the visitors – but not this Good Friday morning, surely?

Philip Evans: My Isolation Diary – Day 24, Friday April 10 2020

THERE are a number of Lyme Regis residents who are working flat out for the NHS at our two local hospitals, Bridport Community and Dorset County, who are on the front line caring for coronavirus patients.

They are brave and committed public servants who are putting their lives on the line to defeat this contagion.

Following the third national outpouring of respect and gratitude when the people from all walks of life in the UK took to the streets for a mass clap, there can be no doubt that we consider them to be very special people indeed.

At 8pm last evening there was a veritable cacophony of noise in Lyme Regis – clapping and whooping, hooters and car horns, the banging of pots and pans, and even fireworks.

It gets louder every week and last night’s reaction was made all the more boisterous by the local firemen who drove their tender around town with sirens blaring.

When all this is over – and it will be over – there will come an opportunity when the people of Lyme Regis can show their appreciation of these wonderful local heroes in a more tangible fashion.

In the meantime, we must continue the Thursday evening clapathon and endeavour to make even more noise. As well as showing our appreciation, I think it’s doing us all good just stepping outside our front door away from the monotonous TV programming, demonstrating there is still a great community spirit in our town.

If the activity on the seafront was anything to go by when I took my daily exercise after breakfast today, it does seem that the hordes are not planning to descend on our town this Easter weekend, despite the glorious sunshine.

There are reports of a few holiday homes springing to life but it’s nowhere near as many as was feared.

Certainly, there were very few people on the beach but I was a bit surprised, however, to see the town council had mechanically swept the main beach making it look a lot more inviting for visitors. Surely, it would have been better to have left it in its previous unkempt state.

I was, however, pleased to see that the town council had reversed its decision to close the cemetery. There must have been a lot of soul searching going on as the council put out a statement the previous day saying that the cemetery remained locked, but then, after taking further advice, they decided to open the main gate from Charmouth Road.

I believe that to have been the right decision. I’ve never seen more than a dozen or so people in the cemetery at one time as they practiced safe distancing without knowing it, because the graves are spread out so much.

In times of crises, people get great solace from visiting their loved ones and if you can’t show a bit of compassion in such times as these, when can you?

The police are definitely taking a stronger stance against those who are making unnecessary journeys with several instances in the West Country of people being stopped and sent back home again.

I could not believe one of the news clips I saw yesterday reporting that last weekend the Greater Manchester Police received 1,000 reports of people flouting the social distancing laws by holding house parties, barbecues and even a street party.

Manchester is one of my favourite cities and I love the Mancs, but just what part of the instruction “stay indoors” don’t they understand?

I know I’m obsessed by the news agenda but are there people out there who never read a newspaper or see a news bulletin? I can only think there must be.

If they knew what the doctors and nurses are having to put up with, risking their lives every day, they would surely act in a more responsible manner?

The time for street parties is when we beat this thing.

Rant over! Thank you for the many hundreds of you who are reading this blog every day and following our news updates on LymeOnline.

Don’t forget to take a look at Francesca’s news bulletin, which went up earlier this morning, for the very latest on how Lyme is coping with this dreadful epidemic which is causing so much loss of life.

I’m very pleased to be able to wish you all a very happy but isolated Easter.

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