Going back to the 80s

LEG warmers and lycra leotards and more often than not a bandana headband; a gym session was not so much about getting fit as looking ‘fit’ in the 80s whereas today, you are unlikely to see many people arriving at B! Health & Fitness in anything other than Primark joggers, despite the fact that summer is officially here and we’ve been expecting to see everyone flaunting their fit beach bodies as they pass by the Marine along Gun Cliff Walk.

Ha ha! Flaming June? Flaming June! more like, with low temperatures and dull damp days, everyone is sticking to their winter garb. But we have had some sunny days, I know that because we’ve had three wedding celebrations at the Marine during June and each one was blessed with sunshine.

We had our first ever marriage ceremony since being granted our wedding licence; I’m not sure who was more nervous, the bride, the registrar (who was also a newbie) or me.

There was a lot to remember including no booze in the auditorium where the groom was waiting but with the guests arriving to enjoy an early glass of bubbly, this took some policing. But the day went without a hitch… well, other than the two who were hitched obviously.

Our most recent wedding couple were watching the forecast minute by minute as a bank of rain moved across the region in the morning but left a bright if somewhat breezy day later.

Actually that’s a bit of an understatement, yours truly and one of our newest bar staff were stationed at the bottom of Theatre Square ready to serve prosecco to the arriving guests. With a wind that was blowing straight off the sea, the ladies were struggling to keep their floaty wedding dresses and fascinators in place whilst we were struggling with the fancy flutes we lined up on the table and were being knocked over like skittles.

Anyway you’re probably wondering why the mention of 80s fashion. I joined the TIC ladies on a trip to see the live screening of Take That with Gary, Howard and Mark sporting very white shiny shell suits and a dance troupe who were just about wearing some skimpy leotards; Steve our techie had suggested we screen the concert at the Marine but that was one of our wedding weekends. Also not sure how well Gary et al would go down in Lyme, 80s shell suits or not.

Going back to our rubbish summer, we had the brilliant Handlebards here for an outside performance of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. This time round it was the boys and they arrived after a torturous journey from Weymouth.

Now cut them some slack, they were on bikes and we all know what that coast road is like and with the weather being pants, their faces lit up when we told them we had decided to relocate inside the theatre. I’m pretty sure our audience were pleased too.

Talking of relief, after a fortnight of extreme stress for our techies, we now have a fantastic new state of the art lighting rig thanks to Stage Electrics. It was Christmas and birthdays rolled into one for Steve who explained very excitedly what the different channels did but lost me somewhere round the encoder wheels. But it does mean we now have a first rate lighting system.

In my final salute to the 80s, I went to see the stage production of ‘Fame’ at the Bristol Hippodrome. It’s always useful to visit other theatres and see how they operate and the show itself was excellent, though I don’t recall, despite their fitness, quite so much saucy behaviour going on in the TV series, but perhaps I was too busy sorting out my gym gear to notice.

Sophia Moseley
Theatre manager

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