From bookshop, to gallery, to pub – it’s been a busy month!

Lyme Regis BookshopSophia MoseleyI THINK even Dolly Parton would struggle working the hours I’ve been doing this past month, though it would make for a great song… working my hands to the bone, yee ha!

OK, maybe songwriting isn’t my strength, but I know someone who knows a good tune when she hears one and that is Lyme’s Queen of Jazz, aka Julie Sheppard, who I met on one of her brief COVID sorties, and she tells me Jazz Jurassica is raring to go.

Having been involved in these festivals in a previous life, I know how much organisation goes into them so I’m sure Julie’s working her butt off.

What were you doing on April 12? If the Royal Standard pub garden was anything to go by, you were probably at your local enjoying a pint.

Having been under house arrest for the past four months, everyone was desperate to get out and enjoy their freedom once more and the sheer joy of being allowed to do what, up until a year ago was a given, had a major effect on everyone’s behaviour as they tried to make up for lost time.

Anyway, how is the Lyme Regis Bookshop, I hear you ask? Under new management, it has had a complete refurbishment and the first thing people say when they come in is how much bigger it looks and there is a different ‘feel’ to it.

Each time I walk through the door, it’s like I am stepping through the looking glass into a place that is thankfully worlds apart from what we are all living in at the moment.

Book sales have increased significantly and one of the best things about working there is that Kevin, the new owner, knows exactly what to get and Michelle and I spend many happy hours rearranging our literary gems.

It’s a bit like organising a model shoot, but without the tears or tantrums.

Talking of modelling, when I told my sister how much I also loved my other job, in the Coombe Street Gallery, surrounded by wonderful wall-art and beautiful artisan Fairtrade creations, that I thought I had found my other niche as I waft into this gorgeous shop to work with Sue’s team, she said I’m more of a faffer than a wafter, but she always was a bit mean.

The only problem working somewhere like the gallery is resisting the urge to buy one of everything and because the stock constantly changes, there is always some new and interesting temptation and judging by the customer comments, many of whom shop there regularly, I am not alone.

So with my literary fix and my total immersion in beautiful art and not forgetting pulling pints, I am enjoying a delicious working-life cocktail.

Perhaps I should go along to listen to some of that hot and steamy Cuban music at Jazz Jurassica. I could definitely waft into that, no problem.

Sophia Moseley

Woodmead Halls

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