Foodbank’s First Year: a community that cares

IN its first year since re-launching last May, Lyme Regis Foodbank has provided, to local individuals and families with a food crisis, 471 ‘person/weeks’ of food. Think of that as the equivalent of feeding a family of three for just over three years to get a feel for what’s involved.

During that time the service has helped 56 adults and 36 children, each directed by one of the 19 professionally-responsible groups (such as GP practices, Citizens Advice, Magna Housing, Children’s Services Family Workers) who agree to work alongside the Foodbank and use their skills to help clients deal with whatever it is that’s causing their food emergency.

Twenty selfless volunteers share the work of keeping the Foodbank open each Wednesday morning at The Hub in Church Street, and managing the behind-the-scenes tasks needed to keep supplies flowing and organised.

The other generosity, of course, comes from residents willing and able to donate to the Foodbank. Some do this by contributing products to one of the collection boxes held at various places in Lyme, Charmouth and Uplyme.

Others kindly give money, which is often more convenient for the donor and is really helpful to the Foodbank, for the organisers can then shop economically to fill essential gaps in donated goods.

Clients of the Foodbank all appreciate the help they’re given, often expressing this in touching ways.

LymeForward, which runs the service, hopes for the day when it’s no longer needed.

Meanwhile, as one of our volunteers recently wrote in Charmouth’s ‘Shoreline’ magazine, “regardless of the reasons people find themselves in this position, no one should go hungry in this day and age. It is not for us to judge but simply to help because we can.”

So if you are one who can, please click here to see all the details you’ll need in order to donate what you can to the continuing work of the Foodbank. Thank you.

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