Five reasons to grow your own

WHAT better way can there be to stay healthy than eating a variety of the freshest fruit and vegetables?

Whether you have a large garden, a small terrace, a windowsill or just a flowerpot or reused plastic container it is possible to grow your own food.

Imagine how satisfying it would be to pick your own lettuce, pluck a fresh juicy tomato from a plant on the windowsill or get the spade out and dig up some nice fresh spuds for dinner.

Here are five great reasons to grow your own fruit and veg, whatever space you have available:

  1. The fresher the better when it comes to eating fruit and vegetables as the vitamin content is highest when they are fresh and you can’t get fresher than picking your own veg and putting it straight on the plate. Growing your own brings a variety of other health benefits too: digging and weeding is great exercise, any time spent outdoors is great for your physical and mental health and wellbeing, growing and nurturing plants from seed is extremely satisfying and rewarding.
  2. You can reduce your food miles to footsteps! Less carbon footprint as no journey to the shop needed and no energy consumed from the producer to your plate.
  3. Plastic free – no packaging required, apart from a few re-used containers to grow things in or keep things fresh in the kitchen, fridge or freezer: re-use all sorts of packaging for growing seedlings, such as yogurt pots, old vegetable trays, tetra paks, the list goes on!
  4. No chemicals – the healthiest way for you and for the planet is to grow your own organically. If you have grown it all you know exactly what you are eating and where it has come from.
  5. It saves money – seeds can be bought or shared, each packet goes a long, long way, making it cheap and easy to eat healthily. Swap with friends or neighbours doing the same, so seeds, plants and produce means a supply of free food!

With so many of us spending more time at home, it really is a great time to get started this year and there are lots of local community groups like Lyme Garden Growers, swapping seeds, plants, veg, fruit and lots of great tips and advice for anyone new to planting.

Get in touch with us to find out more about what’s going on in your local area at

Alison Johnson
Turn Lyme Green

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