Evie’s not an easy eagle to forget

TO come face to face with such a massive eagle certainly wakes you up in the morning.

This beauty was called Evie, a white tailed sea eagle owned by falconer George Hedges (pictured). She really was that big and had a bad attitude when it suited her.

I was on Dartmoor photographing Evie for a newspaper feature when, as she stood on the fence, a gust of wind encouraged her to stretch her wings which lifted her in slow motion above George, almost as if she was a kite about to get airborne.

Evie was a truly remarkable bird. Being the eighth largest eagle in the world, she could have been regarded as dangerous with her massive talons and 2.4 metre wing span.

She loved to play with a bright yellow tennis ball by catching it in the air in her talons, the size of a man’s hand.

I haven’t seen Evie for a while but she is not an easy eagle to forget.

Woodmead Halls

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