Emergency services to the rescue at Marine Theatre

marine theatreWE had more uniform-crush confessions this month, not from me I hasten to add.

No, it was whilst the Marine Dream Team of volunteers were having a well-deserved break at the Cobb Arms, having laid out several rows of tealight candles along stretches of the harbour for the very moving Candles on the Cobb that one of our vols told me about one night out they remembered when, a little worse for wear, they couldn’t face the walk home so persuaded two police officers to give them a lift back in their squad car.

Then there was another story about being invited back for lunch at the fire station by the local fireman. I’m sure there are plenty more tales to come, but don’t worry Linda and Jenny, your secrets are safe with me.

Talking of our boys and girls in blue, we had quite a week of it with the emergency services. There was the big event on the bridge involving every rescue team available to help a poor man who broke his ankle and then there was the other one that happened just below the Marine Theatre windows.

A dear old couple were on a day trip from their home town of Salisbury when the husband passed out. The seamless and slick operation that followed is testament to the well-oiled machine that exists in Lyme, from the point I went down with the recently-installed Marine defibrillator to the moment the ambulance arrived, they were well looked after and, when it was discovered it was in fact a reaction to his medication and not a heart attack, after a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit in the cool theatre foyer, they were relieved to be heading back on their coach rather than to Dorchester Hospital.

Have any of you heard of a Bridport cure-all called Fudge’s Cough Syrup, aka Fudge’s Fire Water? According to Garry the builder who’s been suffering from a dry throat, it cured every ailment but it is sadly no longer available. Seems it was eventually banned much to the annoyance of many; the opium content was likely the cause of its demise.

But dry throat or not, our loo refurbishment is nearly complete. I’m irrationally excited at the prospect!

We had another wedding tour and the mother of the bride-to-be told me she had performed here as a child so it seemed only right to start a new chapter of her family’s life at the Marine. Within two hours of looking round they had booked their date and paid their deposit, such is the magic of our little theatre.

Did you come along to our Abba Forever night? Even Philip Evans said he would have been up doing his thing had he been sitting on an aisle seat!

Then a week later, following another great prosecco night with the TIC ladies, the vote was taken to head back to the Marine where we enjoyed the second half of the Cuban Bros performance. I haven’t danced so much since my disco days.

I’ve been trying to think if I have any tales from my clubbing days of going for a ride in an emergency vehicle. I’ll save those up for the next Candles on the Cobb Marine Dream Team drink.

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

Woodmead Halls
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