‘Class and dignity in lorry loads’

PHOTOGRAPHING the Duchess of Cambridge was a real treat; she was carrying her daughter Charlotte at the time with about five months to go before her birth.

Kate has got class and dignity in lorry loads; she’s considerate, chatty, especially with school children, and a beautiful smile just like her husband’s grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen.

Here, Kate was visiting a school in London. I’ve been a photographer on the royal rota pass team on numerous occasions and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, always had the loudest cheers and more smiles than any of the royals.

But Kate is up there with the looks and charisma, and it’s really great that she knows how a future Queen of our country should respect the family that she is very much part of.

The Duchess seems to have grown in popularity lately and recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with Prince William.

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