Celebrations of all kinds at the Marine

marine theatrePOETRY Please! More Hollie McNish poetry especially; everyone was roaring with laughter here last Thursday week as Hollie put the truth of pregnancy and motherhood into verse in such a way that only a woman could know.

Talking of family life, one of our lovely wedding couples dropped in to talk about the logistics of decorating our auditorium ready for their special day in June.

The bride-to-be had seen our pictures of origami decorations and liked the idea of hanging enormous balloons from the ceiling. So they brought one along to see what it looked like.

Ten minutes into a conversation I was having with the bride about tablecloths and cutlery, the groom-to-be was still puffing away and looked close to passing out as he inflated the barrage sized inflatable. Only for them to decide in seconds it wasn’t quite the look they wanted.

What to do with a huge balloon? Problem solved whilst they thought about other things leaving the silver globe to skim across the floor, it caught on something with a loud bang!

We said goodbye to two members of staff, well, more one and half; Simon has been helping out with all things financial and he lives in Poole so it was always a bit of a trek for him to be here just two days a week.

Apparently he has a boat that he’s been threatening to sail over here from Poole harbour but he now says the waters are too shallow here and he’d have to anchor way out making the swim from shore a bit of a challenge, despite my personal best of 31 lengths in the Bridport Leisure Centre swimming pool.

And our lovely bar manager Claire has also gone, she has decided to go back to school and in the style that has become the tradition, we went to the Pilot Boat for prosecco. Sadly the TIC ladies couldn’t join us but we dragged our techie Steve and duty manager Tom along to make up numbers.

We suffer from the wind here occasionally, oh titter ye not, I’m talking about the easterly sort that hits the back and side of the theatre and this time it ripped our theatre banner off the wall.

The very lovely Miranda from the TIC noticed it flapping in the wind and hanging on by a thread on her way back from her allotment. Our can-do tech Pete was soon on it and replaced it with a sturdier version that marketing John organised.

Did I tell you about the slow worm who visited us? I’m afraid I trod on the poor thing as I rushed through the foyer and only noticed it when it writhed in shock just outside the box office door. Pete soon rescued it and returned it to its more natural environment.

Talking of the natural world, did you see it was Naked Gardening Day earlier this month? I’m not sure where these national days come from and I’m pretty certain I won’t be embracing that one anytime soon, particularly as May can be quite nippy.

I see there is actually a World Theatre Day that we shall definitely mark next year and whilst I’m at it, National Prosecco Day is going on the calendar. Maybe we could combine all three and invite said gardeners to an exclusive prosecco evening, I feel sure there would be plenty of material there for Hollie.

Sophia Moseley,
Marine Theatre manager

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