Capturing wildlife on the Somerset Levels

A STROLL around the Somerset Levels visiting a few excellent places for wildlife pictures can be very rewarding. Wild birds and animals, mostly birds, can be seen in abundance pending on what time of the year it is.

The Levels are famous for the starlings that fly onto the reed beds each night to roost between October and March.

A lesser known bird the great white egret, which was at one time very rare in the UK, and now nesting numbers make the Somerset Levels the largest colony of nesting great whites in the UK.

But on the Levels there is a lot of water and where you find water you find swans – at least 200 scattered across the wetlands in fields, waterways, rivers, ponds and watery reed beds.

When swans take to the sky whilst on water, it’s always a little dramatic; one thing they will always do is get airborne facing the wind, just as most aircraft do.

On this occasion the light was perfect, the still ripple-free water was perfect as was the black peat just a few inches under the water. This pair of swans were in perfect unison as their powerful wings built up enough speed to get themselves airborne.

Woodmead Halls
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