Capturing quick-moving swallows in action

WITH the sound of chirping birds above me I was delighted to witness a family of swallows waiting for the parent bird to pop a captured fly in their mouths.

All this was so fast that it was hard to see it with the naked eye.

A very fast snapping camera of 12 frames per second reveals how accurate and skilful the parents are, and shows how much the fledglings rely on their parents after they had fled the nest.

I would have thought that this year’s visiting swallows would have headed home by now.

There is probably a few stragglers working up enough courage to take the flight back to Africa, but much of the timing depends on the birds food availability and, the cooler it gets, the less flies there are in the atmosphere and that distance could not be done on an empty stomach.

House and sand martins, along with swifts, are also on their way home.

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