Building up to the festive season at the Marine

marine theatreDESPITE the fact it was my birthday, I gave up waiting for Audi to deliver my gift this month so have bought my own A3.

It’s given me a meteoric rise in the ‘cool mum’ stakes; I know right, you’d think working for the most famous theatre on the Jurassic Coast would win that competition hands down but if my son’s school list of ‘interesting parents to come in and inspire the children’ is anything to go by, that slot is reserved for the marines and emergency services.

It may be a different story when the summer is here and the soft top is down, I was going for the Victoria Beckham look but John Puckey in marketing says Audrey Hepburn would suit me better.

Talking of the armed forces, did you see the ‘Pages of the Sea’ artwork on the sandy beach? What a privilege to be chosen as one of the locations and, talking of privileges, what about our Sir Ian McKellen show next July? We are one of just 80 venues that were chosen and when the news broke we saw the most furious activity as the tickets literally flew out of the window.

Luckily for our Theatre Friends they received advance warning from us so they got first dibs – one of the many advantages of being a Friend if you’re wondering #justsayin

Did any of you come along in November to see a show? I enjoyed the performance of ‘Withering Looks’ that had everyone in fits of laughter. Viv from the Tourist Information Centre came along with me.

Then there are the sound checks I get to enjoy when I’m beavering away in the office, there was Dat Brass, Gigspanner Big Band and the Simmertones and I’m really looking forward to listening to the Streisand performer on February 16 and Fleetwood Bac on February 28.

I put on a performance of my own at a recent town council meeting; the public are given three minutes to say something. We wanted to paint ‘Marine Theatre’ above the archway where it used to say ‘Drill Hall’. If you look carefully you can still just about make out that name.

Whilst we won’t be painting our name there, they have said we can have some nice ‘finger’ signs directing people.

Another big announcement we have is our wedding licence has come through so now people can not only get hitched here but stay put and enjoy the rest of their day in the theatre. We already have two bookings which is very exciting!

We are always looking ahead at the Marine and you’re going to love 2019. We have a great idea for hump days; Wilde Wednesdays is our regular Oscar Wilde slot and the first film is ‘A Woman of No Importance’ on January 23. We’re also screening ‘Peterloo’ on January 25.

Our January to March 2019 brochure will be out mid-December, the perfect Boxing Day read! By the time I write my next column all the seasonal excitement will be over, Julie Sheppard’s Jazz party (the TIC ladies are going so plenty of prosecco will be consumed), the Marine Players’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, our programme launch party and the firm’s Christmas ‘do’ (more prosecco) will be a distant memory, although I have a hunch there may be some interesting stories to tell, not that I’m one to gossip…

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

Woodmead Halls
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