Beast of the East hits the Marine Theatre

marine theatreBEWARE the Ides of March… Julius Caesar was warned to be on his guard during this normally spring-like month and whilst he was stabbed in the back by his good friend Brute, I wonder if that famous leader had to deal with the Beast of the East, Storm Emma and the Mini Beast.

Chances are he’d long given up on Britain’s dodgy climate and headed back to Rome. But with climate change now a thing of reality, this unusual weather pattern that many Lyme lifers have said they’ve never seen the like, the several days of snowmageddon saw drama and mayhem at the Marine Theatre.

Fortunately I don’t live so far away that I can’t walk in and, if truth be known, I quite enjoyed the challenge of battling the elements to reach the inner sanctity of the Marine. Not so much the Dunkirk as the Courchevel spirit as I donned my boots and warm coat to trudge through the snow.

Still, there’s one thing about this extreme weather, it makes you feel you deserve something nice so my usual Friday treat of a decaff cappuccino has also been a Monday treat (and occasionally a Tuesday and Wednesday one).

But it didn’t last and normal service soon resumed, including the first class service from Lyme Bay Auctions who returned to move our beautiful grand piano from the stage back to her usual home in the bay window. It’s not often you come across people who are utterly willing to do something from the kindness of their heart, or in this case, four hearts, because that’s how many men it took to move her. So a big thank you to Simon and his gang!

We had a fire drill for our wonderful volunteers. This is always fun and even more so when you forget how to silence the alarm. It’s ear-piercingly loud, especially when you’re standing next to the siren, as we all were.

I was hoping to persuade a tall, handsome, uniformed fireman to come along and give a formal presentation to our lovely group, I think they’d probably take more on board from someone like that than me, but sadly it’s not something the Dorset & Wilts Fire Service offer. Pity.

However, we soon moved onto the next project and it’s a biggie! The Children’s Week during Easter is jam-packed with every possible type of activity you could possibly wish for. Gabby Rabbitts soon had masses of local businesses and organisations involved, including B Sharp, the Town Mill, Serendip bookshop and the museum. If you have young children you will be hard-pressed not to find something to enjoy and there will be snacks available in the Marine Bar. I’ve heard a rumour that there is also going to be cake made by Claire Jillings, if you have been lucky enough to sample her cakes, you know they are not to be missed!

With several live screenings scheduled and the Marine Young Company starting, it looks like it’s going to be a very full and exciting month ahead. Let’s hope the Ides of April are less chilling.

Sophia Moseley,
Theatre Manager

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