A memorable day on Portreath beach

HOW many people have taken a phone call from Cornwall asking if they wanted to photograph heavy horses taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean?

That was the beginning of a fantastic morning in Portreath. The horses were from Harry Gotts Shire Horse farm and carriage museum in Treskillard. I immediately said yes and met them on the beach at Portreath. The bonus was the light and the huge waves rolling in behind the horses.

The bravest of the horses was High Point William, a massive Suffolk Punch stallion, and not just any old stallion; he is the most fertile stallion in the country with 100 per cent record of covering mares, he has fathered over 40 foals.

Photographing those wonderful horses with that amazing backdrop of the ocean was memorable to say the least.

At one point, William broke free from his minder and could have galloped for two miles along the beach. He didn’t, he just rolled in the sand. Fantastic memories of a great occasion.

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