Inauspicious start for Lyme bowlers


By Paul Moffitt

LYME Regis Bowls Club ladies kicked off their league season with an away draw against Gillingham.

Unfortunately, it was Gillingham that had the two winning rinks, giving them six points against Lyme’s four. The men started started their leagues today (Monday), the championship side hosting Blandford whilst the newly promoted 2nd team were away to Greenhill.

The club have played three friendlies this past week but had their game against Merriott was washed out on Friday.

It has been an inauspicious start by the club who contrived to lose all three games, the one against Seaton in disastrous fashion.


Lyme 62; Seaton 164.
A Darvill, B Driscoll, J Moffitt, R Legg 7-34; M Knight, F Sell, J Moseley, G Mitchell 12-18; R Bishop, N Driscoll, A Nabarro, P Moffitt 7-28; L Young, G Clode, N Solomon, P Knight 13-25; J Bishop, P Stephens, A Rattenbury, S Rowe 9-41; T Allman, B Smith, D Mayo, A Allman 14-18.

Lyme 63; Axminster 85.
A Darvill, B Smith, D Courtenay-Smith, R Legg 14-16; D Mayo, E Sarson, P Knight, Chas Barber 18-19; J Sherring, F Sell, A Nabarro, Chris Barber 19-19; A Sherring, D Sarson, J Kesterton, A Weech 12-31.

Lyme 75; Troedyrhiw Tour 100.
S Dowling, N Stephens, J Moseley, S Pomeroy 16-11; L Young, P Stephens, T Allman, Chris Barber 14-15; A Darvill, D Mayo, A Preece, P Moffitt 20-17; E Sarson, R Burton, A Nabarro, P Knight 6-21; D Sarson, D Courtenay-Smith, N Solomon, H Dowling 10-19; M Knight, C Pomeroy, J Moffitt, Chas Barber 9-17.

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