First games in the new skittles season

skittlesLYME Regis skittlers – men and women – will be back on the alleys from Wednesday, September 28.

There is one new team in the Ladies’ League – Pin Pals, captained by Heidi Mildenhall. No new teams in the Men’s Division One but one in Division Two – Skittle Me Timbers, skippered by Joe Turner.

The first fixtures will be:

Wednesday, September 26th

Men’s Palmer Cup – Marksmen v Trappers; Miscellaneous v Clueless; Alleytwits v Skittle Me Timbers.

Friday, September 28th

Men’s Palmer Cup – Rousdon Rebels v No Hopers; Wreckers v Shakers; Royal British Legion v Flyers; Roadrunners v Young Guns; Anthill Mob v President’s Men.

The winners will meet in the Palmer Cup quarter finals on Friday, February 8th 2019.

Wednesday, October 3rd

Men’s Cornish Cup – Shakers v Skittle Me Timers; Young Guns v Royal British Legion; No Hopers v Anthill Mob.

Friday, October 5th

Men’s Cornish Cup – Rousdon Rebels v Marksmen; Flyers v President’s Men; Trappers v Wreckers; Roadrunners v Clueless; Alleytwits v Miscellaneous.

The winners will mee in the Cornish Cup quarter finals week commencing April 23rd 2019.

Monday, October 8th

Miscellaneous v President’s Men; Shakers v Rousdon Revels; Wreckers v Roadrunners.

Monday, October 22nd

Hot Gossips v Generations; La Creme v Rollercoasters; Wootton Wobblers v Pin Pals.

Tuesday, October 23rd

President’s Men v Skittle Me Timbers.

Wednesday, October 24th

Shakers v Alley Twits; Trappers v Roadrunners.

Thursday, October 26th

Skittso’s v Smashers.

Friday, October 28th

Royal British Legion v Clueless; Flyers v Anthill Mob; Marksmen v Wreckers; No Hopers v Young Guns; Rousdon v Miscellaneous.

Woodmead Halls
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