Busy finish to end of bowls season

bowlsBy Paul Moffitt
IN the last two weeks of the bowls season, Lyme Regis Bowling Club  played five friendlies, winning two and losing the others.
In a wild and windy last week, the club managed to entertain two touring sides and complete full games.
Last Saturday was supposed to be the annual gents versus ladies end of season game,  but the weather intervened and the members stayed in the clubhouse for a ‘Beetle Drive’ which was set to be held in the evening. Alan and Pam Weech kindly did the organising and general chaos followed but, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by members. Alan Nabarro, club captain, raised £140 for his Weldmar Hospice charity during the afternoon.
Lyme 48; Seaton 79.
M Knight, R Turpin, D Courtenay-Smith, L Broom 6-21;  N Driscoll, J Sherring, A Nabarro, W Payne 12-23;  B Smith, E Sarson, A Sherring, P Knight 20-12;  D Sarson, J Hare, J Kesterton, B Parsons 10-23.
Lyme 89; Topsham 102.
D Sarson, F Sell, A Sherring, P Knight 23-19;  M Knight, J Bishop, A Nabarro, Chas Barber 15-12;  E Sarson, N Solomon, S Rowe, P Moffitt 17-25;  R Bishop, J Hare, A Allman, B Rattenbury 14-17;  D Mayo, J Sherring, S Dowling, CHris Barber 13-13;  B Smith, R Turpin, A Rattenbury, H Dowling 7-16.
Lyme 75; South Petherton 92.
A Curtis, P Stephens, P Weech 21-16;  M Knigt, B Parsons, J Moseley 21-16;  B Smith, J Hare, R Hobbs 10-24;  L Young, A Nabarro, P Knight 14-20;  J Parsons, T Young, A Weech 9-16.
Lyme 97; Bannister Park Tour 92.
M Knight, J Sherring, B Parsons, H Dowling 7-23;  B Smith, D Sarson, P Knight, J Moseley 20-9;  E Sarson, B Driscoll, A Rattenbury, L Broom 27-10;  J Moon, J Hare, A Sherring, Chris Barber 14-16;  N Driscoll, J Kesterton, B Moon, Chas Barber 12-20.
Lyme 82; Winchmore Hill Tour 70.
T Allman, D Courtenay-Smith, H Dowling 10-20;  A Nabarro, J Moseley, A Allman 10-14;  V Henson, A Rattenbury, L Broom 15-18;  J Hare, C Bell, Chris Barber 25-9;  J Bishop, B Parsons, B Rattenbury 22-9.
Woodmead Halls
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