The 1069 Voyage

JUST three years after the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror invaded England and claimed the English throne, a Lyme merchant ship set out on a voyage to the city of York. […]

marine theatre

A summer reminiscent of 1976

WHO remembers the summer of 1976? Hose pipe bans, water rationing and heath fires. I was a little girl living in Nottingham at the time and had great fun catching the water that drained out of the washing machine to water my mother’s flowerbeds. […]


Summer’s here, as if you didn’t know

THE new unisex toilets are open at last, the beach showers are actually working, the bunting’s up, the flower tubs are planted, the rubbish bins are being emptied regularly, the park and ride is running – from Charmouth Road at least – the streets have been resurfaced and the traffic jams in Broad have already hit warp-factor five. […]