Summer’s here, as if you didn’t know

THE new unisex toilets are open at last, the beach showers are actually working, the bunting’s up, the flower tubs are planted, the rubbish bins are being emptied regularly, the park and ride is running – from Charmouth Road at least – the streets have been resurfaced and the traffic jams in Broad have already hit warp-factor five. […]


The council got it right this time

THEY said they would get it right – and they certainly did this Bank Holiday. I refer, of course, to the town council’s assurance that there would be no repeat of the awful mess left on the Marine Parade, and other associated problems, after the early May Bank Holiday. […]

lrfc memory wall

Memories are made of this…

APART from having the occasional pop at the council, over the years this column has been filled with memories. Memories of growing up in Lyme in the 1950s-60s, memories of big and tragic events in the town and memories of its people past and present. Many of them unforgettable characters. […]