Talking baby bumps with the Duchess

THE Duchess of Cambridge, more affectionally known as Kate, shows us all just how it’s done as she delights a young girl in a wheelchair in West London.

It was obvious that Kate was talking babies with the little girl as she touched her bump a few times sending the visible excitement of reporters into overdrive.

I was part of the Royal Rota press corps for this royal visit and, at the time, it was well known that the Duchess was carrying her second child, who we now know was a little princess called Charlotte.

At the time, the name and sex of the new baby was still very much a secret and the army of reporters were chomping at the bit to ask the young girl if Kate had let slip using words such as him or her or even a name, but she didn’t and kept the nation guessing until after the baby was born.

Let’s hope the Duchess avoids having her workload doubled now that Harry and Megan have fled the royal nest.

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