No Blue Monday at the Marine Theatre!

marine theatreHAVE you noticed the very beautiful stained glass art deco canopy that hangs over the archway leading up to the theatre?

It would have been installed around 1930; there’s something very special about that between-the-wars era when women were on the march for equal rights in stark contrast with the incredible elegance and glamour that epitomises the era.

I mention this because a local family has just donated two huge bags of original 1930 evening wear. I had a quick rummage and found a beautiful black and gold lace dress that I could just see myself in as I waft from one Champagne party to the next. Mind you if the ladies from the TIC were involved, it would most likely be a bottle or two of prosecco at the Pilot Boat’s ‘Fizzy Fridays’.

Anyway, have you been suffering from the January blues? Apparently the two middle weekends are the worst with ‘Blue Monday’ being the biggest hit on our well-being as we struggle to make ends meet before the January payday.

But one thing we are definitely not at the Marine is blue; we’ve had an excellent month of entertainment with our regular slot of the hilarious Lyme Regis Comedy Club starring headliner Stuart Goldsmith who had everyone in stitches. Mind you, host Tom Glover was equally hysterical, his comments on Chard getting the biggest laugh. No offence intended.

The next Comedy Club is on Friday, February 22 with headliner Carl Donelly, so even if you’re over the January blues by then you will still need a laugh if only to escape the political tragedy that is currently unfolding, and if you’re looking for some theatre, we have West End actor Mark Farrelly performing in ‘Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope’ on February 21.

In fact you might just want to take a look at our February schedule because we’ve added stuff. There’s the brilliant David Ford performing on Saturday, February 8 and I’m afraid if you haven’t bought your Fleetwood Bac tickets you’ve missed out.

But for all you Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper fans, we are showing ‘A Star is Born’ Friday, February 15. That’s the day after Valentine’s… just giving you the heads-up.

Do you still have your Christmas tree languishing at the back of your house? I was hoping one of our lovely volunteers would offer to take ours so I dragged it outside and left it near the bin store, but each morning I arrived it was still there, and each night when I left it sat there looking very sorry for itself.

That was until our brilliant tech and all round good egg Pete Hackett noticed the equally good eggs Virgil and John taking down the town trees. Within minutes I was dragging our Nordic spruce down the road to join the rest.

I took a trip over to Poole to join the Youth Performance Partnership Fund Bid group. Bit of a mouthful I know but these incredibly motivated people are trying to source funding to give access to all children so they can take part in every aspect of theatre production. The meeting was just off Poole Quay that is always a treat to visit especially when Sunseeker have one of their luxury yachts moored in the harbour. I can dream.

A final thought on one of those ‘national’ days we have to endure, did you hug anyone on ‘National Hug Day’? It is of course an American import and I’m not entirely sure random hugging of strangers is even legal and with Valentine’s approaching, I just hope things don’t get out of hand.

Sophia Mosley,
Theatre manager

Woodmead Halls
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