Capturing a piece of aviation history at Exeter Airport

LAYING flat on your belly in the middle of the airfield at Exeter Airport with Concorde coming into land certainly keeps you awake and alert.

This was 18 years ago in the year 2000, when for the first time in history both Concorde and Exeter Airport came together when the most famous aircraft in the world dropped its wheels on Devon tarmac.

Photographing the awesome sight of the inbound jet gliding straight down my lens was incredible. As the wheels touched down the smoke created what seemed to be a vortex as it curled around the wing tips. The noise made my whole body vibrate and it was then I realised I hadn’t remembered my ear defenders.

Such a tragedy when a freak accident caused a Concorde to crash years later.

This was one picture that sticks in my memory, the picture is now part of Exeter’s aviation history.

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