Bringing together all the elements for the perfect picture

IT makes you feel it well worth following through with a planned idea for a photograph on the beach at Charmouth when you get a snap like this.

The tide had to be just right, as well as a sunrise picking out the sea spray and highlighting the contours of the cliff, and not to mention a pair of riders, Milly and Charlotte, with their horses.

The whole shoot started at 5.30am, the horses came up from Exmouth and to my surprise they walked across the footbridge over the River Char and down to the beach.

My experience with the sea and horses goes back to the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery on holiday on the sands of North Devon and a Suffolk Punch stallion in the sea in Cornwall.

On those previous encounters I knew that some horses love the sea and others are frightened to death by it. On this occasion they were a little nervous and avoided dipping their toes in the water but it was enough to get the picture I wanted.

Woodmead Halls

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  1. What a stunning photograph!

    The best and most unusual one I have seen since I don’t know when!

    Thank you. A pleasant start to my day.

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